Join Andrew Amirnovin, Sofeast’s reliability expert and our head of New Product Development, on a deep dive into what component-level testing is, the process followed for selecting and testing components that won’t let you down, and the various benefits you’ll get by doing this during the product design and development process.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introducing today’s topic.
  • 01:21 – What is the difference between component-level and product-level testing?
  • 08:14 – What’s the component qualification process?
  • 15:59 – The 10-point component testing and evaluation process. 
  • 36:13 – Why businesses and entrepreneurs bringing a new product to market shouldn’t be expected to have the testing expertise in-house and what we do to help.
  • 40:18 – Examples of problems that might occur if component testing is not done properly.
  • 43:37 – Do YOU need to decide on and do all types of component-level testing?
  • 47:10 – Wrapping up.


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