Why Assembly and Checking Fixtures provide amazing ROI in the FactoryOur CEO Renaud, senior engineer Paul, and Adrian from the team focus on assembly and checking fixtures. These fixtures improve speed, consistency, and quality in the factory. They also lower costs because you’ll get fewer defects and operators can do faster work. So, what’s not to like?


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Episode sections

  • 01:17 – What are assembly fixtures? (+ examples).
  • 11:00 – Benefits of assembly fixtures.
  • 11:37 – Fixtures’ role in mistake-proofing.
  • 16:04 – Why good product design must include manufacturing process design.
  • 20:24 – The timeline of when to work on process engineering and fixtures.
  • 22:50 – Are fixtures hard to build and what materials can be used?
  • 23:37 – Who pays for and owns the fixtures?
  • 26:50 – What are checking fixtures (used for QC)?
  • 27:59 – Examples of checking fixtures.
  • 30:52 – How to decide where and how you need to be checking quality during production.
  • 36:20 – The ROI of using fixtures.
  • 38:15 – Why pilot runs are helpful for identifying where fixtures are needed.


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