Sofeast’s CEO Renaud answers four exciting questions from our listeners in this episode. We cover new product development, if and how to start purchasing and importing electronics, supplier bankruptcy, and tips for controlling product quality and reliability. 


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 01:22 – 1. New product development for a product with a GSM module. How to integrate the module (if at all)?
  • 11:34 – 2. How to buy and sell electronics like laptops, smartphones, and their accessories on a budget?
  • 20:11 – 3. How to know if my manufacturer is going to go bankrupt soon?
  • 31:16 – 4. The products I receive keep breaking, how to control quality?
  • 38:23 – P.S. If you are visiting China, activate digital wallets!


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