Sofeast’s resident reliability expert and head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, joins Adrian from the team to show you the 5-step process of how to fix problem products that are being returned by customers. Everyone hopes they won’t be affected by product reliability issues resulting in returns, but if it does happen this information will help you deal with the problem effectively.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings and introducing today’s topic about how to find and fix the issues causing your product to be returned by customers.
  • 01:46 – 1. Identify the field issues.
  • 10:17 – Are problems exhibited by returned products that have been in the field usually reliability-related?
  • 15:59 – 2. Determine their root cause/s.
  • 19:46 – 3. Develop a solution/s.
  • 22:02 – 4. Implement the solution/s.
  • 29:35 – 5. Monitor the results.
  • 34:21 – Why this process is important and more cost-effective than doing nothing.
  • 40:17 – Wrapping up.


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