What is SynControl?

In a nutshell, SynControl is an app-based solution to facilitate QC inspections commonly used on a smartphone or tablet that replaces spreadsheets and paper. It allows quality inspectors to schedule QC jobs, input product & supplier information, estimate workloads, select checkpoints to follow, send automated emails to suppliers, and share results with management in real-time.

Sofeast’s Quality Assurance department uses the SynControl software & mobile application for performing factory audits and product inspections, managing corrective action requests (in the form of 8Ds), receiving and archiving technical files, and more generally for ensuring strong service to our clients.

How Sofeast’s SynControl Implementation Partnership helps you

syncontrol implementation partner

The Sofeast team can help implement SynControl in your organization if you feel your QA/QC team is not working in a structured manner, if you wish you had more visibility into what the way they work, and if you need to get real-time results from quality inspectors.

The Sofeast team can also help some of your key suppliers start working on the SynControl app and do self-inspections. If you buy large amounts of goods from them, it can make a lot of sense for your company.

Learn more about how we enable your suppliers to self-inspect reliably, discuss it with us, and get a quotation if you’d like. Go to the page here: Supplier Self Inspection Enablement


Do you want to discuss how SynControl’s quality inspection software could benefit your company?

No problem, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your situation and explain how SynControl can help your business.

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