Innovative pet cleaning products

This startup had a relatively immature design for a device that would clean pets in a novel manner. A lot of work was needed for picking the right motor and refining the design. Several rounds of prototypes were needed before zeroing in on the right design.

  • Examples of design improvements we provided: silent vacuum mechanism (500 watt motor) to avoid scaring pets, optimized airflow to cool the motor down
  • Time from design to functional prototype: 7 months
  • Applicable certifications for selling in the USA: UL, FCC
  • Tooling necessary for mass production: some assembly jigs, airflow test, pressure test
  • Critical components: motor, pump, PCBA
  • Minimum order quantity in each color: motor performance (heat, noise, flow)
  • Minimum order quantity in each color: 1,000 pcs
  • Number of assembly workstations: 15
  • Highest sources of risks in assembly: airflow sealings
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