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How Far Does An NNN Agreement Need To Go To Protect Your IP In China?

Not every strong NNN agreement is perfect. For instance, your NNN agreement may seem to be ‘watertight,’ providing excellent protection of your IP, but it may lead to difficulties in working with Chinese suppliers if it’s too strict. Here at … Continue reading

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Importing From China? 6 Risks You Face In January 2021

I caught up with Sofeast’s COO, Fabien Gaussorgues, to discuss supply chain endangering risks importers from China are very likely to face in January 2021. Together we compiled this post based on our observations which includes the issues you face … Continue reading

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What Does Manufacturing In Vietnam Look Like Today In 2021?

We caught up with Simon Caballero, a Hanoi-based purchasing manager and expert on manufacturing in Vietnam, to discuss the manufacturing landscape in Vietnam in 2021 with a loose focus on the garment industry. I asked him a number of questions, … Continue reading

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Types Of Batteries For Buyers Of Consumer Electronics [Introductory Guide]

Sourcing batteries for your new electronic product can be confusing. There are so many different types that selecting the most appropriate in terms of cost, features, and performance can be challenging for buyers… An important part of the electronic product … Continue reading

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How To Validate a Factory’s Production Capacity without Going On Site?

Some clients have asked us, ‘how to confirm that a factory has the capacity needed to make our orders, without us being able to fly to their factory?’ The inability to go and meet suppliers on site has been a … Continue reading

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7 Signs That Your Chinese Factory Is Poorly Managed [Infographic]

A poorly managed factory in China can cause you lots of problems. No matter if it’s your own factory or that of your supplier, these red flags spell danger for your business. So, what are the 7 telltale signs that … Continue reading

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“What Quality Inspections & Factory Audits Do Sofeast Offer?”

For anyone who needs to organise inspections soon and is interested in learning more about our range of product quality inspections, I wrote this description along with some key points:

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11 Common Electronic Product Certification And Compliance Requirements

Regulatory electronic product certification requirements can present challenges for organizations looking to design, develop and market electrical and electronic products in different countries around the world. As these requirements are primarily focused on particular products, use cases and generally the … Continue reading
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How Do Sofeast Help Source New Chinese Suppliers? [Process Breakdown + Costs]

If you’re in a position where you need to find a new Chinese supplier or are moving from an existing one and choose us to source and provide you with them in the new factory identification solution, here’s roughly what … Continue reading

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What Manufacturing Process Controls Are Important In Battery Factories?

Nearly all the electronic products we have worked on include a battery. It is always a critical component since a failure of the battery means a failure of the whole product. You may think batteries are very standard and mature … Continue reading

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