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Sofeast provides these solutions to help you get the best from your suppliers in China, Vietnam & wider Asia. Hit the blue buttons below to learn more about the solutions.

If you are unsure which you require, book a free phone consultation with us to talk through your situation instead.

supply chain management solutions

Supply Chain

Sofeast’s project managers are on the ground in China and Vietnam and assist you with the management of your local supply chain.

We vet and sometimes suggest suitable suppliers for you, but can also take over the management of your local supplier or project if you need faster progress. We can also help Amazon FBA sellers with managing their specific supply chain needs too.

product engineering solutions


Sofeast has deep product engineering expertise that can be used for mechanical and electronic products.

Importers who need to develop a new product and want to avoid common pitfalls, or who are tired of production problems coming from unstable processes, benefit here.

quality assurance solutions


Production costs in China are rising, so there is less tolerance for bad surprises. Sofeast helps you with solid quality assurance solutions which help to avoid mistakes, mitigates those that occur, and reduces your costs.

We work mostly on general consumer goods (including textile, electronics, toys, etc.) and mechanical products. Mainly in China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Taiwan.

supplier improvement solutions

Supplier Performance

Sofeast provides engineers & auditors to train, challenge, and/or support your suppliers’ factories, so they improve systems, processes, & reliability.

These on-site solutions are perfect for importers who are working with suppliers in Asia whom you need to improve, solve long-standing production issues, and put in place the structure to assure that the problems don’t reoccur.

Our Commitments To You

Sofeast commitments to you
There is no 'lock in' and no information retention -- you stop working with us anytime
Our pricing is based on the amount of work we put it, not on how much we think we can extract from you
We try and provide advice & guidance to every client, and we are not in the business of one-off transactions

Update regarding the ongoing China epidemic (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia - COVID-19)

While China is in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak some of our usual services may be affected for everyone’s safety, however, Sofeast is at work as normal and here on the ground in China ready to support you. Learn about affected services and the solutions we have in place here:

Product Inspections

Our staff may be unable to perform inspections as usual in the coming weeks. In those cases, we can help in three ways:
1. Arrange for inspection to take place in a cordoned-off area of the factory
2. Have products shipped to another location in China for inspection there
3. Train & equip your supplier to switch to self-inspection

Factory Audits

We may also be unable to perform factory audits as usual in the coming weeks. In those cases, we can help conduct remote ‘e-audits’ and ‘Readiness & Capacity Audits.’ These remote audits will help assure your suppliers are capable of fulfilling their promises, and their shipment plans and safety procedures are realistic & compliant with government regulations before you start paying deposits.

New Factory Identification

In the coming weeks, you will probably be unable to visit potential suppliers. You might also be unable to go to trade shows in China and Hong Kong.
To support our clients, we have developed a special remote new supplier identification & verification package, starting at 990 USD per product. With our help, you can still identify new suppliers easily without traveling to China at all.

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Sofeast Certifications

Sofeast ISO 9001 certification Syncontrol implementation partner
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