A Trusted Advisor, Helping SMEs Buying in China

Sofeast is a quality assurance and project management agency based in China. It was created in 2006.

Its general manager, Renaud Anjoran, is an expert on quality and sourcing issues. He maintains a popular blog on these topics.

Our Strong Points

1. Customized service

We recognize the different requirements of each importer. We are happy to adapt ourselves to the client’s needs, and we try to offer a wide set of services. For example, we offer more than the “check the box” audits that some of our competitors affectionate.

This is rather unique in the quality assurance industry, where most companies are focused on big retailers and struggle at serving small & midsize importers who come with a different set of needs.

2. “Home grown” technicians

After several experiments, we found a couple of ideal profiles for our field technicians:

  • Ex-factory workers with good notions of English and an eagerness to learn and grow in a new job.
  • Ex-trading company employees, with a good command of English and a good understanding of the manufacturing environment.

If they have the right traits (an assertive character and a strong attention to details), we hire them and train them to our way or working.

3. Human size

Maintaining strong cohesion among technicians who are spread along the coast of China tends to be difficult. In China, employees place their loyalty in a manager, never in a company. We take advantage of our relatively small size (20 field technicians along the cost of China) to ensure all know their manager in person, through regular training/coaching sessions.

4. An IT platform to support strong internal processes

We have developed strong procedures, from high-level flow charts to highly detailed work instructions for each process step. Our sister company SynControl has developed an IT platform for inspections that supports our processes through semi-automation and better communication (internally, but also with clients and suppliers).

Who we work with

1. Midsize importers

We have experience serving small and medium sized importers who value our reactivity, our personalized advice, and our professionalism.

2. Importers who have a medium/high quality standard

We cannot help buyers of low-end products. Inspectors cannot switch from a high standard to a low standard, and vice versa. So we are committed to serving buyers who are at least as tough as mainstream retailers in Western Europe and North America.

3. Importers willing to work closely with their suppliers

We do not work with purchasers who give one-shot orders to Asian suppliers. Our best clients are those who want to help the manufacturers they work with get better. Is it possible in China, you might ask? Yes, with certain types of suppliers.

A few testimonials from happy clients

Our clients expect a high level of confidentiality. A few clients have accepted to have their testimonials shown on this page. Other clients are happy to be used as references, but only through email communications.

logo-gazon-avenirWe have been working with Sofeast for 4 years, and so far we are very happy about their level of service and their commitment to adapt to our needs. Their processes are simple and user-friendly, and their reports are easy to understand.

-Gazon d’Avenir, France


logo-truer-marketingI warmly recommend Sofeast to any company buying in China. I can testify about their attention to detail and their personalized followup of clients. Their reporting is very precise, and it allows us to understand easily what happened in production.

-Truer Marketing, Australia

logo-american-duchessWe have used Sofeast’s services in different parts of China, and they maintained the same level of service. Booking an audit is simple and we receive their findings very fast. We feel much safer with their team on our side.

-American Duchess Co., USA


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