Quality Assurance Services for Importers in China

Factory Auditing

How well organized is a manufacturer?

How good is their quality system?

Is their product quality acceptable?

Before you give an order to a new supplier, do your due diligence by collecting information about the factory. Then you need to keep constant pressure by checking the quality of every batch.

Quality Consulting

Want to re-evaluate your strategy?

Need support with technical documents?

Wish your suppliers got better?

In a more expensive China, it will be more and more important to avoid mistakes and to keep costs low. We provide manufacturing- and quality- related services to support your operations on the ground.

Software for Importers

Want to rely less on email?

Need to be more organized?

Is past information difficult to access?

We have developed a web-based software that completely adapts to your internal workflow, and that is very easy to use.
Designed with SMEs in mind.
Currently in beta testing.

Free Ebook


Learn about the best practices followed by professional importers in China, and the main pitfalls to avoid. All in an ebook that can be read in 15 minutes.

Contact Us

You want to contact us with general questions? We will reply to all messages in less than 24 hours.

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